Madeleine Orr

Graduate Assistant; Ph.D. candidate

Madeleine is a doctoral student in Sport Management at the University of Minnesota, advised by Dr. Yuhei Inoue. She is concurrently pursuing an M.S. in Natural Resource Science and Management, also at the University of Minnesota. Madeleine obtained an M.S. in International Events Management from the University of Brighton and a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Ottawa. Her primary research interest is the relationship between sport and the natural environment, with a secondary interest in sport events, legacy. and leveraging.

Her work experience in the sport industry, which significantly influences her academic work, spans several organisations and four continents: she has led a team of international staff as a Festival and Sponsorship Manager for racing events in Canada and Europe; taught an undergraduate course in China; coordinated a travel program in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics; and has worked as an Operations Coordinator; Facility Manager; and Customer Service Representative (bilingual FR-EN).