Welcome to GIRSO!

The Global Institute for Responsible Sport Organizations (GIRSO) serves as a global hub for advancing sport organizations’ role in addressing community priorities. It aims to become a global leader in generating and disseminating knowledge that transforms how sport organizations use their resources, core competencies, and networks to fulfill our responsibility to our communities.

We are particularly interested in working together with sport organizations to evaluate the impact and delivery of their sport socially responsible initiatives. We are also interested in collaborating with sport organizations to co-create and design transformative socially responsible initiatives that aim to make a social impact and advance shared organizational and community goals. Some of our research collaborations have examined the quality of delivery and social impact of professional sport community initiatives which aligns with GIRSO’s overall mission of advancing sport organizations’ role in making a social impact and addressing community priorities.

We are currently recruiting interested graduate students (Masters and Ph.D) to work with the GIRSO research team in conducting research that will help achieve GIRSO’s overall mission of advancing sport organizations’ role in advancing the shared goals of sport organizations and their communities.

If you are interested in conducting research related to the following areas, please contact Dr. Lisa Kihl (lkihl@umn.edu).

  • Sport and social impact
  • Corruption in sport
  • Social responsibility and sport organizations
  • Athlete representation and governance