Corporate social responsibility, sport integrity, and corruption in sport

Led by Dr. Lisa Kihl

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A global assessment of professional sport organizations' CSR performance: A delphi study


The main contributions of this research are first generating a global professional sport CSP measure that reveals different perspectives of CSR performance (i.e., internal and external; indicators versus perceptions; and sport-specific versus existing indicators). Second, this research examines one of the main paradoxes around CSR practice and theory. The presentation will identify opportunities for future research and practical implications. 


Dr. Lisa Kihl
Dr. Geraldine Zeimers (Université Catholiqué de Louvain)
Dr. Cleo Schyvinvk (Ghent University)
Michael Jonas
Matt Hlina
Marie DeCock (Ghent University)

Understanding australian local sports clubs’ integrity systems

Introducing a framework conceptualizing a national sport integrity system that aims to promote and safeguard integrity within national sport organizations.


Dr. Catherine Ordway, University of Canberra
Dr. Adam Masters, Australian National University
Dr. Bram Constandt, Ghent University
Joung Hwa Son
Alice Kang
Dr. Lisa Kihl (Advisor)

Different types of athlete representatives

Exploring the different types of athlete representation and their role in elite sport governance systems.


Dr. Lisa A. Kihl, University of Minnesota
Dr. Annette Greenhow, Bond University
Dr. Lisa Gowthrop, Bond University
Dr. Daryl Adair, University of Technology, Sydney

Fraud indicators in community sport organizations

Examining sports leaders' perceptions of the vulnerability to fraud in community sport organizations: An international comparison 

Fraud in sports clubs is an international concern


Lisa A. Kihl, University of Minnesota
Katie Misener, University of Waterloo
Graham Cuskelly, Griffith University
Pamela Wicker, University of Bielefeld

CSR and community priorities

Examining decision making motivates for determining community priorities and the potential outcomes
of those efforts.


PI, Dr. Kathy Babiak, University of Michigan
Dr. Lisa A. Kihl, University of Minnesota
Dr. Annick Willem, Ghent University
Dr. Cleo Schyvinck, Ghent University

Sport for development

Led by Dr. Mitch McSweeney

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The role of emotions in refugee-focused sport for development and peace

This study focuses on the way in which emotions are used – if at all – by organizations and individuals within the sport for development and peace (SDP) field who work with refugees and refugee background people to sell their cause to target audiences (e.g., funders, donors, the public). Additionally, this study is interested in furthering understanding of the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship within SDP, with a specific eye to the nuances and complexities of doing SDP-related work with forced migrants. 


Dr. Mitchell McSweeney, University of Minnesota
Dr. Lisa Kikulis, Brock University
Dr. Per Svensson, Louisiana State University

“Wheels of Change”: Exploring ‘Bicycles for Development’ for Women and Girls in the (Post-)Pandemic Contexts of Canada, Uganda and Nicaragua

Mitch is particularly involved in the Uganda fieldwork portion of this study and plays a supporting role for Nicaragua and Canada fieldwork. See the Bicycles for Development website and University of British Columbia's Sport Sustainability Resource for more information about the project and for research from other fieldwork sites. 


PI, Dr. Lyndsay Hayhurst, York University
Co-PI, Dr. Brian Wilson, University of British Columbia
Co-PI, Dr. Francine Darroch, Carleton University
Co-PI, Dr. Brad Millington, Brock University
Co-PI, Dr. Cathy van Ingen, Brock University
Co-PI, Dr. Mitchell McSweeney, University of Minnesota
Ugandan community-based researcher, Janet Otte
Ugandan community-based researcher, Patrick Eyul
Ugandan community-based researcher, Donna Tara Parytci

Bicycles owned by women in uganda, taken by research team.

Bicycles owned by women in Uganda (taken by research team)

Mitch also has numerous other projects, including future proposed projects with colleagues in planning stages and various writing and knowledge mobilization activities that he is undertaking. Please feel free to reach out for further information. Mitch is always open to new collaborations and working in partnership with sport organizations to address social issues.

Leveraging sport events for sustainable benefits

Led by Dr. Landy Lu

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Leveraging state-wide senior games for active living

Preparing for and participating in senior games can motivate older adults to engage in year-round exercise as well as sport and fitness programs in local communities. Yet little is known about the leveraging potential of statewide senior games. The focus of this research is to examine how senior games are being used to promote active living among older adults.


Dr. Landy Lu, University of Minnesota
Dr. Guangzhou Chen, University of New Hampshire
Dr. Ran Zhou, University of Finance & Economics; Promise Iheanacho, University of Minnesota

Future project: Leveraging the 2026 Special Olympic USA Games for equality of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities

In 2022, Minnesota won the bid to host the 2026 Special Olympic USA Games, marking the largest sporting event in the US in 2026. This major sport event provides a valuable opportunity to promote equality of physical participation opportunity for persons with intellectual disabilities. Our research team at GIRSO is committed to leading a research to examine how to leverage the hosting of the 2026 Special Olympic USA Games as site for equality of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.